About Us

​X Body Shape is a fitness enthusiast platform created by a group of friends, that is NOW OPEN TO EVERYONE.

In its core, ​​X Body Shape focuses on possibilities to create and successfully use a personal gym at your home.

The Idea Behind That?

To motivate people into working out more, even when you are outside your gym or if you have decided to say no to a gym membership.



Vladimir ​Dave

At first, I wanted to introduce more people to the idea of building a personal home gym and the many different benefits of doing so. Now. together with a couple of friends, we aim to provide useful information for those, who are willing to take the steps in order to benefit from a personal home gym.


mark roose

​​​Mark Roose

​Mark is an educated fitness coach with a master degree in Sports And ​Yoga Education, and more than ​9 years of working in fitness industry. ​

If you want to get in touch with us, please go to the Contact Page or send us an email at: MARKROOSE.XBODYSHAPE [at] gmail [dot] com (this helps me prevent spammers)