What is the Best Crossfit Gym Bag for You? Discover it Here!

Crossfit is an effective exercise when it comes to toning and strengthening our muscles. But engaging in this physical activity may come with one issue. You need a lot of fitness items and Crossfit gear to do it.

With that in mind, having the best CrossFit gym bag is a must for you. But what is the best Crossfit gym bag on the market today? You will discover that in this article!

Advantages of owning a Crossfit backpack

If you go to the gym or love to stay fit, you have definitely heard of the Crossfit backpack. Do you know what’s the common thing among all the popular athletes? Yes, most of them own a Crossfit backpack.

These backpacks have an extensive range of features and benefits.

The extensive amount of gym bags on the market will surely confuse you. But, nothing can beat the quality of a Crossfit bag. If you follow famous athletes or gym enthusiasts on social media, you will notice that they own a Crossfit bag.

The extraordinary features of these Crossfit gym backpacks will amaze anyone. 

That should not leave any doubt on your mind about the popularity of these bags.

If you still have a doubt, then this part will surely convince you. Let us present to you some of the attractive benefits of a Crossfit bag. Here are the most noteworthy benefits-

Durable and strong

Before owning a Crossfit backpack, always try to check the strength and durability of the backpack. These are the most important factors to take into consideration.

Every athlete and gym enthusiast needs a durable, strong, and tensile backpack like the Crossfit backpack.

As these bags have padded straps, they are super comfortable to carry and don’t hurt your shoulder.

The secret to its strength is the ballistic nylon material. If you love to go on a vacation or a hike, Crossfit backpacks are the perfect choice for you.

Stylish and accommodative

Definitely, you don’t want multiple bags to carry your essential things. But this is nearly impossible as most of the bags won’t offer you adequate storage space. That’s the difference between normal bags and Crossfit backpacks.

Crossfit backpacks will offer you ample storage space. No wonder Crossfit backpacks are the most reliable option for gym-goers and hikers. Organizing your essential accessories is easier than ever with the Crossfit backpack.

There are different compartments for different things. These backpacks do not compromise the style. These Crossfit gym backpacks have modern designs and special shapes to endure any kind of situation. These backpacks are like a helping hand in times of need.

The trendy look of a Crossfit backpack will go well with formals and casuals. Thinking about the sizes of these bags? Don’t worry. You have hundreds of options to choose from. Own a Crossfit backpack to double the pleasure of hiking.

Extensive features

What other bags dream of, Crossfit gym backpacks offer them. Crossfit gym backpacks have extraordinary features that will impress anyone. This is what makes it unparalleled.

You may think that such features will make the price higher. We are happy to let you know that these backpacks are affordable. Most affordable backpacks have nylon and canvas materials. If you want to buy a costly one, you have leather Crossfit backpacks. But the pain of paying will go away once you feel the elegance and durability of these Crossfit backpacks.

Hiking or going to the gym will often make your backpack dirty. Dirt and sweat will lead to odor. That shouldn’t be a problem with the Crossfit gym backpacks. Because the nylon materials of the backpacks are easy to wash.

Crossfit backpacks offer different stylish colors and an extensive range of features. They have multiple compartments for every little thing. They have an affordable price range and many more. Hope this is convincing enough.

The Important Elements of the Best Crossfit Gym Bag

man going gym

Finding the best CrossFit gym bag is not as easy as you think. That is most especially true now that there are lots of options in the market. But here you will get the right considerations and proper buying knowledge. I have no doubt that you will find a bag that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

With that in mind, here are some of the Crossfit gym bag essentials that you should consider on your buying journey:

1. Size

The most significant feature of a Crossfit backpack is its size. In a small gym bag, you can not fit your gym gear. You will not feel comfortable with such a bag.

When we chose the best Crossfit backpacks, we looked for different things. We searched for adequate space, size, compartments for towels, shoes, basic Crossfit gear, etc. We marked the bags with extra space for toiletries, water bottles, or extra gym clothes as favorites.

You should always look for a tactical workout backpack that is big enough to hold all your essentials without causing you trouble.

Crossfit gym bags come in a wide array of sizes. When choosing the size, make sure that you consider all the items that you plan on carrying to the gym. If you plan on bringing a complete set of Crossfit gear like a towel, snacks, fresh change of cloth, towel, tumbler, your gadgets, and some workout gear (jump rope, gloves, knee sleeves, and many more), you may need a big bag.

But if you will only bring your shoes and a change of gym clothes, a medium-sized bag will do.

To know what are the common items you may need for your Crossfit session, please watch this video:

2. Gym Locker Space

Another thing to consider is the size of your locker space at the gym. This is important since most gym lockers are small in size.

Most bags have a rigid or floppy design which helps retain the shape of the bag. But it can be a bit difficult to fit in a small locker. So you should choose one that you can easily fold and place inside the locker.

3. Material

Most brands will indicate the type of material used along with their denier. The higher the denier is, the thicker and more durable the material is. However, it is also a lot bulkier.

When it comes to fabric, there are three main options that you can choose from. First, we have the Canvas which is the most stylish, durable, and multipurpose. But the problem is, it is a bit bulky, not water-resistant, and may absorb odor easily.

Second, we have polyester material which is water-resistant, durable, and lightweight. The problem is that it is a bit bulky.

Last is the nylon fabric which is odor-resistant, lightweight, durable, water-resistant, and above all, affordable.

4. Compartment And Organization

gym bag

You should also consider ease of organization when it comes to choosing a bag. The availability of pockets and the main compartment will ensure such convenience.

Some compartments that you should look for are a zippered shoe compartment, breathable mesh pocket (for holding your wet clothes), water bottle pocket (preferably located at the external part of the bag for easy access), more external pockets (to hold your phone, car keys and other essential items), and padded media compartments (for carrying your gadgets). Always look for a Crossfit backpack with a shoe compartment

You may also need a bag with internal compartments so you can easily arrange your belongings inside your bag.

5. Fastenings

The fastenings of gym bags come in different styles—Velcro, zippers, clips, and buttons. Zippers, as long as they are of high quality, are the most practical option that you have.

6. Wet pocket

Most of the bags ignore this important feature. A wet pocket is a must for Cross fitters if they want to take a shower in the gym. They can store their wet clothes or towels in the bag without making other gear wet.

Even if you find a perfect bag with this feature. Always check the inside of the wet pocket. Check the materials inside as they may leak sometimes. And also check the size of the wet pocket. If your towel fits easily in the wet pocket, grab that Crossfit backpack.

7. Cozy shoulder straps

You will carry lots of things in your backpack. If you go on hiking, you will feel more weight. All that weight of your backpack will put pressure on your shoulder. That’s why a cozy shoulder strap is important. If you want a bag that has only one shoulder strap, you will want the strap to be comfortable.

Always search for bags with a cozy and adjustable shoulder strap. If you don’t want to hurt your shoulders, look for extra comfort.

8. Weather resistance

If you are passionate about hiking, bad weather can’t stop you. We know that you have the courage to endure bad weather. But what if your bag doesn’t have that capability? Then all your passion will go in vain. That’s why you need a perfect bag that can endure any kind of weather.

Suppose you are going on hiking or doing Crossfit in a rainy area like Florida. Then the weather-resistant material is a must. 

Even if the distance between your house and the gym is short, heavy rain can make your gears wet. You don’t want that to happen, right? Then grab the best gym bag that is weather resistant.

9. Duffle Vs. Backpack

When it comes to gym bag style, you have two main options—backpack and duffle bag. Each type comes with a few pros and cons.

Duffle bags offer a wider space and opening that allows you to arrange the items inside the bag easily. This duffle bag design will let you carry it over your shoulders or by hand. This is okay if you will just walk a small distance but may not be ideal when walking long distances.

On the other hand, backpacks are meant to be worn over the shoulders. Because of this, they come with padded straps and are comfortable for walking long distances. These do not offer the same vast space as a duffel bag. But most products come with plenty of compartments and pockets.

If you are looking for a backpack gym bag, make sure that the bag has a low back pad and shoulder pads for comfort.

These days, you can find a new style that they call the duffer-pack. It can be used both as a duffel bag and backpack, giving you the best of both worlds.

10. Added Features

Most gym bags, nowadays, come with extra features including the following:

  • Port for earbuds
  • Removable wet compartment and shoe bag for easy cleaning
  • Laptop case
  • Umbrella pocket
  • Cooler compartment to keep water or shakes cold
  • Additional detachable shoulder strap for the convenience of handling

Best Crossfit Gym Bag Reviews

Now that you already know the basic buying tips, let us dig a little deeper by discovering the features, pros, and cons of the popular Crossfit gym bags that you can find on the market.


Best Crossfit Gym Bag Reviews

Our Rating


King Kong Original Nylon Gym Bag

King Kong Original Nylon Gym Bag

King Kong Junior Nylon Gym Bag

King Kong Junior Nylon Gym Bag

King Kong Backpack II

King Kong Backpack II

Zoot Sports Ultra Tri Bag

Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag

Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag

1. King Kong Original Nylon Gym Bag

King Kong Original Nylon Gym Bag

The first King Kong gym bag on this list is the King Kong Original Nylon gym Bag. This duffel bag has Military Spec nylon material. It is the toughest material in the market. This is the perfect gym bag for men. The fabric is resistant to water and abrasion. The military industry uses this and is impossible to rip.

In addition to its tough fabric, the bag also features heavy-duty buckles made of steel. It has Ultra-tough zippers that can survive even the most rugged conditions.

The thing that I appreciate the most about this bag is that it has a wet bag made of water-resistant 1000D Nylon material. It can hold swimming gear, towels, and damp workout clothes.

If you are coming from your office to the gym, you will certainly love the dual separate shoe compartment of the bag. Each compartment is individually sealed and water-resistant.

It also has to mesh external pockets to accommodate car keys or cell phones. When it comes to style, this bag will not fail you. It comes in three different designs and colors—Pink, Camo, and Digital Camo.

This amazing fashionable gym bag can be used as a women’s Crossfit backpack as it is super stylish. You can handle this backpack however you want. It doesn’t matter whether you carry it by the backpack strap, shoulder strap, or grab handles. This bag will endure all the tough situations.

You can fit lots of necessary accessories in this bag including your gym clothes and gear. Want to carry two or three pairs of shoes? No problem. You can use the side pockets as a shoe carrier.

The waterproof material and its durability make it the number one choice for Cross fitters. It has comfortable shoulder straps that will reduce the pressure on your shoulders. You can run or jump while carrying this bag, but your shoulders won’t hurt. What more do you want?

Pros and Cons

  • Multiple zippered pockets at the front portion of the bag
  • Dual shoe compartment
  • Made of water-resistant and highly abrasive Military Spec nylon
  • The bag is wide enough to accommodate plenty of items
  • High-quality construction
  • Hand straps do not stay together
  • No interior pockets

2. King Kong Junior Nylon Gym Bag

King Kong Junior Nylon Gym Bag

The King Kong Junior Gym Bag features the same construction as the first gym bag above. It has Military Spec Nylon material that is highly abrasive and water-resistant. It also has the same tough zippers and heavy-duty buckles which make it the best weightlifting gym bag for men.

Moreover, it also has a water-resistant nylon wet bag for wet clothes and towels. The heavy-duty straps have double-stitched seams, and the magnetic carry strap closure holds the hand straps together.

The only differences that it has with our first product are the size and the colors. The capacity of this bag is 30% less than that of the original King Kong backpack.

This bag is designed for portability and to fit the active lifestyle of its users. As a result, this kong backpack only has one shoe compartment instead of two.

With regards to its style, this is a lot more versatile. It comes in 7 different colors and designs—black, camo, charcoal, digital camo, pink and teal. Search for a king kong gym bag on amazon to get an exciting deal. That is why it’s one of the best gym bags of 2021.

Pros and Cons

  • Available in 7 different colors
  • The bag is built to last
  • Lots of external compartment
  • Perfect for people who are looking for a medium-sized bag
  • Magnetic carry strap closures secure the hand straps
  • No water bottle compartment
  • Not suitable for people who plan to bring lots of items to the gym

3. King Kong Backpack II

King Kong Backpack II

The next gym bag from our list is still from the Kong gym bag company. The King Kong Backpack II has the company’s trademark water- and abrasion-resistant 1000D nylon material. It is commonly used in the military industry.

One thing I love about this product is the back zipper. The design will let you open the backpack wide. So you can lay it flat for a more convenient and organized packing experience (like how you pack a suitcase!).

They have also used the same buckles and zippered pockets from the previous gym bags on the list. Just like most of the King Kong gym bags, this backpack has lots of external pockets. One of which is a small padded one that can hold and protect phones and car keys.

At the front of the bag, you can find a dedicated shoe compartment. It is big enough to accommodate a pair of shoes or a meal bag insert which the company sells separately. One great feature of this bag is the expandable pockets at the sides. They are designed to accommodate water bottles or clothes.

What I liked most about this backpack is its simple design. Its minimalist design and irregular shape do not make it look like the usual gym bags you see in the market. Because of this, you can use it as your daily backpack too.

This king kong bag comes in 7 different designs—burnout, black, camo, charcoal, digital camo, red, and teal. No wonder it’s one of the best gym backpacks. If you want to know the users’ opinions, visit amazon to see king kong gym bag reviews.

Pros and Cons

  • Suitcase-style packing
  • Padded pockets for valuable gadgets and items
  • Expandable pockets for water bottles
  • Equipped with a hand carry strap
  • Versatile design
  • A bit expensive than mist gym backpacks
  • A bit bulky when filled with stuff

4. Zoot Sports Ultra Tri Bag


The Zoot Sports Ultra Tri Bag is more commonly known as a triathlon bag. But it is fast becoming the favorite of many Crossfit players. The body of this bag is made of 600D Nylon which makes it thinner and slimmer than most gym bags.

The front portion of the bag is decorated with mesh fabric made of 400D Nylon polyester material. The tough material makes it the best gym bag for men.

In the middle of the bag is a molded helmet protective compartment. It can safeguard the valuable items inside the bag. At the top of the bag is a fleece-lined compartment where you can store your devices for easy access.

The bag also contains a wet bag for wet and dirty items. What I liked about the wet bag is it is removable so you can wash it easily and thoroughly. After the company’s latest updates, the bag now has exterior water pockets that can hold 2 water bottles.

Since this bag is suitable for triathlons, it comes with an external compression strap to lock the bag in place. Additionally, the exterior part of the bag has reflective detailing for visibility at night which would come in handy for people who are riding a bicycle or motorcycle.

The bag comes in two color combinations—black/pewter and black/punch. That’s why it’s one of the best tactical gym backpacks.

Pros and Cons

  • The bag is thinner and slimmer than most backpacks
  • Roomy enough to hold all fitness items you may need
  • Removable wet bag for easy washing
  • External compression straps to lock the bag down
  • Two external compartments for water bottles
  • Reflective detailing for visibility in low light conditions
  • According to some of the users, the plastic buckles are not high quality
  • This may be a bit long or big for most people

5. Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag

Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag

The Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag is a duffel bag. It has 100% polyester material and features mesh panels for breathability. This can also help in keeping your clothes and bag clean, fresh, and smelling good.

The main compartment is quite large and can accommodate various personal and fitness items that you plan on bringing. It also has a side pocket where you can place your dirty clothes after the workout.

The upper pocket has a fleece line. It is the perfect place to store your gadgets and other devices that you have. All of the compartments have high-quality zip closure security. The zippers have  Venum zip pullers for easy opening.

In addition to the hand straps, the bag also has an adjustable padded shoulder strap that will keep you feeling comfortable when walking for a prolonged period of time.

The bag comes in three colors—Neo yellow, Black, and Black/Black.

Pros and Cons

  • Adjustable padded straps for comfort
  • Large main compartment
  • Mesh panel for breathability
  • Side pockets are available to separate clean clothes from the dirty ones
  • Separate pocket for devices and sunglasses
  • No internal compartments
  • No dry bag and water bottle pockets


  • What should I carry in the Crossfit backpack?

The important accessories that you should carry include a Crossfit shirt, Crossfit shorts, supplements, gym towel, sunglasses, wallet, phone, keys, grips, gym shoes, lifting belt, jump rope, shaker, water bottle, chalk, and knee sleeves.

If you are into martial arts or boxing, carry headgear, pads, and gloves. A 20-gallon gym bag with a belt holder will be enough to carry all these accessories.

  • Which material is perfect for a Crossfit backpack in the USA?

The most reliable material is the 1000D ballistic Nylon. This material is heat resistant and water-resistant. It can endure 365-degree temperatures.

King Kong’s original nylon gym bag used this material. This material is long-lasting and stylish also.

  • Which brands provide the best Crossfit bag in 2021?

The brands that provide top-quality backpacks are- King Kong, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Orange Mud, Reebok, Topo Fitness, Rogue, Bear Komplex, Ironman, Puma, Datsusara, etc.

  • What’s the ideal size of a Crossfit Backpack?

The ideal size for your Crossfit backpack should be around 30-45 liters. A Crossfit bag of this size can easily accommodate the gear that you need. But if you have to carry extra weights or a vest, you may need a weightlifting gym bag bigger than the ideal size.

Final Verdict

women with gym bag

The truth is, there are no bags that have a specific design for Crossfit. But the good news is, you can use just about all gym bags for this purpose. That is why this list includes a few gym bags along with a boxing bag and a triathlon bag.

But which bag takes the cake? For me, the best CrossFit gym bag on this list is the King Kong original Nylon bag as it is well-made (Military Nylon),  and has all the compartments you may ever need in a gym bag—water bottle compartment, wet bag, and plenty of exterior pockets.

If you like to use a gym backpack, I recommend going for the Zoot Sports Ultra Tri Bag as it is designed with the lifestyle of an athlete in mind.

If you want more equipment or gear for your Crossfit needs, please check these buying guides.