This is The Best Speed Bag Platform on The Market Today

No matter how high quality your speed bag is, it will be put to waste if you won’t attach it on a professional grade platform. The quality of the speed bag platform that you will buy will determine the amount of vibration and stability of your speed bag. That is why you need to ensure that you will obtain the best speed bag platform available today.

But what is the best speed bag platform on the market today? Read this review to find out!

Key Features to Consider When Choosing Speedbag Platform

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You already know the benefits of using a speed bag platform (that’s why you’re here, after all) so I won’t be discussing that any further. Instead, I am here to help you find the best speed bag platform for your needs.

I have listed the key features that you need to look for to find the best product for your needs:

1. Installation

What do you need for installation? In addition to the speed bag platform, you will need a swivel of course. Most bags already come with these items. However, some products are sold alone so you may need to buy these accessories separately.

2. Weight

The heavier the speed bag, the better it is. This is because it will rattle less. But when choosing a heavy speed bag, you must make sure that your roof or walls will be able to accommodate the weight of your speed bag to avoid unwanted accidents.

3. Stability

How sturdy your speed bag depends on how well it is mounted. Just make sure that the bag is easy to mount to prevent it from rattling while in use.

4. Adjustability

Some speed bag platforms can be adjusted to different height levels. If you wish to vary the angles of your punches and make your workout more effective, then this is one feature that you should look for.

The adjustability features of a speed bag platform enable you to train different parts of your hands without going through the hassle of remounting the platform from time to time.

5. Solid Frame Construction

The wooden platform is upheld by metal brackets. It is a must that the brackets are made of high-quality steel to ensure its durability and stability. The more stable the frame is, the better rebound your speed bag will have.

6. Platform Material

The materials used in manufacturing the platform include vinyl, synthetic material, and manufactured wood. If you wish to get the most stable and durable material, your best option would be wood.

According to experts, it is solid wood that delivers the best rebound action. But please be warned that this is a bit expensive as compared to other materials.

How to Choose A Speedbag For Your Platform

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Aside from the platform itself, you should also exert extra time and effort in choosing the right speed bag for your needs. After all, this is the equipment that can help you improve your boxing skills. With that in mind, here are some of the factors that you need to consider:

1. Swivel Holes

If you want to enjoy easy installation, you should go for speed bags that already have pre-drilled swivel holes. In this way, the only thing that you have to do is attach your swivel into it.

2. Shape

Brands incorporate different slight variations when creating speed bags. But in general, you can find speed bags in two different shapes. The traditional shape resembles that of a water drop—narrow at the top and broader in the middle.

The second shape is the Mexican Style which features the shape of two traditional speed bags attached with each other.

3. Material

The speed bag is divided into two parts—the shell and the inner bladder.

When it comes to the shell, the best material would be genuine leather. It lasts long but can be a bit expensive. An alternative that you have is the synthetic leather which is more affordable but is not as durable as genuine leather.

With regards to the inner bladder, experts recommend going for latex as it is soft and lightweight. Because of this, it allows the bag to move fast. However, some users experienced leaking issues with this material.

If you are allergic to latex or want to prevent the leaking issues mentioned, the next best material would be rubber. But since this one’s heavier, the bag will move a bit slower.

One thing you must take note of is that you should never go for the plastic inner bladder.

4. Size

One of the most important speed bag factors of all is the size of the speed bag. Sizes of speed bags range from small to large. The typical dimension of speed bag sizes are as follows:

  • Small: 6.5 x 4, 7×4 and 8×5 inches
  • Medium: 9×6 and 10×7 inches
  • Large: 11×8, 12×10, 13×10 inches

In general, the smaller the bag, the faster it is and the harder to target. It also does not need too much power to get moving. Because of this, a smaller speed bag helps to improve your speed and focus.

On the other hand, the bigger the bag is, the slower it moves, making it easier for you to target. But of course, this size is heavier and therefore needs more power to move. As a result, a bigger speed bag is recommended for working out and building your arms and shoulders.

To make the most out of your speed bag drills, check this video:

Frequently Asked Questions About Speed Bag Platform

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Do you still have lots of questions on your mind about this product? Well, I have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about it below. Keep on reading as you may find the answer you need in this section.

What is inside a speed bag?

Speed bags are filled with air via the inner bladder.

What is the best speed bag for a beginner?

The best bags for beginners are medium-sized speed bags as it is easier to target. If you are already used to a medium-sized speed bag, you can move to smaller ones which are more challenging to use.

How to take care of a speed bag?

To ensure that your speed bag will last for long, wipe off water or sweat from it after every use. Also, clean the speed bag with a leather conditioner at least once a month.

At what height should the speed bag be at?

Speed bags must be mounted at a height wherein the bottom part is just above the eyebrow of the user.

The Best Speed Bag Platform Reviews

There are plenty of speed bag platforms on the market, making it difficult for you to find the one that best suits your needs. But don’t you worry! I have already narrowed down your choices below. Here are five of the best speed bag platforms that you can find on the market today:


Best Speed Bag Platform

Our Rating


Everlast Elite Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811

XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811

Valor Fitness CA-53 Speed Bag Platform

Valor Fitness CA-53 Speed Bag Platform

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

EZSpeedbag Doorway Platform

EZSpeedbag Doorway Platform

1. Everlast Elite Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

First on the list is the most popular brand in the boxing industry—the Everlast Elite Adjustable Speed Bag Platform. The platform has a dimension of 24 inches which is large enough to hold different sizes of speed bags.

The steel frame is coated with a unique strengthening powder to ensure that it will last longer. The speed bag will be attached to a strike board that has a thickness of 1 inch which is enough to ensure that your speed bag will give you the best rebound action and stability. The thick platform is reinforced with a rubber padding for added security.

If the speed bag would be used by different people, there is nothing that you should worry about. This speed bag platform can be adjusted to different high levels which make it suitable for people with varying heights.

Another thing that makes this platform versatile is its compatibility with double-end anchor and double-end bags.

The package already includes two brace boards, swivel, full-end padding, and assembly hardware.



  • Comes with a 120-day replacement/ repair warranty
  • Includes high-quality swivel
  • Compatible with 2 kinds of speed bags
  • Can be adjusted to different height levels
  • Covered with rubber padding from one end to another
  • Hardware for setup must be bought separately
  • Assembly instructions are difficult to understand

2. XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811

XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811

Another speed bag platform to watch out for is the Xmark XM-2811 which features an 11-gauge steel frame bracket. The construction of its frame ensures that you will experience the least amount of vibration during your boxing session.

Moreover, the platform is made of a 1.5-inch thick hardwood platform for durability and longevity. The wooden platform features a furniture finishing which makes it look more stylish and suitable for your home gym.

Just like the first product, this one can also be adjusted to different height levels with 15 inches being the highest. The package already includes a professional grade swivel, but speed bag must be purchased separately.



  • The platform is made of oak wood with furniture furnishing
  • Includes professional grade swivel
  • The maximum height of 15 inches
  • Perfect for moderate to professional boxers
  • The frame is made of 11-gauge steel
  • A bit expensive
  • Speed bag not included

3. Valor Fitness CA-53 Speed Bag Platform

Valor Fitness CA-53 Speed Bag Platform

The Valor Fitness CA-53 Speed Bag platform is probably one of the heaviest platforms that you can find on the market. The platform is supported by reinforced steel tubes which helps to evenly distribute the energy between the platform and the speed bag. It also comes with mounting brackets which gives you the option to mount the platform onto a cement wall.

Moreover, the height of the speed bag platform can be easily adjusted thanks to its adjustable worm drive mount which permits the user to find the perfect height for him.

The platform is made of a 2-inch high-density wood and is protected by a ring to ensure its durability.

The package already includes 360-degree rotating swivel, assembly tools, mounting brackets and bolts, speed bag and pump.



  • Sleek black finish for a stylish look
  • Already includes swivel, speed bag, pump, mounting, and assembly tools
  • Has the thickest wooden platform in this list
  • The wooden platform is protected with a ring guard
  • Heavyweight for stability
  • Speed bag included may not be ideal for serious boxers
  • Assembly instructions are hard to understand

4. Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

Balazs designed their i-Box speed bag platform following the same quality philosophy that they have in all of their boxing products. The platform looks a little different from the list because of its 11-gauge steel V-frame bracket. Together with its 1 ¼-inch wood drum, the platform is designed to deliver you a solid rebounding action that you need for your training sessions.

The wooden platform exhibits a clear coating and has a dimension of 24 inches to accommodate all possible sizes of speed bags.

The frame features ergonomic knobs which can lock the platform tight against the rails to ensure a secure hold. The metal frame has a durable and glossy finish and comes in three eye-catching colors—Knock Out Red, Champion Black, and Contender Yellow.

Included in the package is the Balazs Pro level II Swivel.



  • Three stylish color options
  • Made of 11-gauge steel
  • Can be adjusted for up to 12 inches in height
  • Already comes with a swivel
  • Unique V-frame design
  • No speed bag included
  • The drum is a bit thin

5. EZSpeedbag Doorway Platform

EZSpeedbag Doorway Platform

If you plan on attaching the speed bag to your doorway, the best platform to have is the EZspeedbag Doorway Platform. The platform features a patented technology that makes it lightweight and durable. Its design is also compact and highly portable, allowing you to move it from one place to the other.

The platform features an 18-inch blackboard which is perfect to install in doorways that have a width of 27 to 42 inches. The platform shows off a striking black and yellow color and simple design which is perfect for the younger generations.

A purchase of this platform includes a leather speed bag and air pump.



  • Perfect for the doorway
  • Portable and compact
  • Already comes with air pump and speed bag
  • Eye-catching black and yellow design
  • Not as stable as most platforms
  • Mounting instructions are vague

Final Verdict

The quality of speed bag platform that you should choose can make or break the results of your boxing sessions. With this in mind, it is crucial that you look for the best speed bag platform.

For me, it is no other than the Valor Fitness CA-53 Speed Bag Platform. Among the products in this list, this is the platform that has the thickest (and therefore, most stable) drum.

Are you looking for more boxing gear and items but you do not know where to start? Let our buying guides lead you to the most suitable products for your needs!