Best Apartment Workout Equipment

A gym membership is going to be expensive and it’ll never stop. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have to pay that monthly fee until you’ve canceled your membership. This is why many consumers are eager to find a suitable alternative.

Live in an apartment and fit into this category? Then you should think about creating your own home gym. The only problem is that you live in an apartment and your space is most probably severely limited. Don’t worry about that. There are many pieces of workout equipment that will make your apartment gym effective, convenient, and will spare you the cost of monthly gym membership fees.

Below, you’ll learn more about some of the best workout equipment for your apartment gym.

Best Workout Equipment For Apartments

Punching Bag

By far the most superior piece of workout equipment that most apartment livers and small space goers should invest in is a punching bag. A punching bag is in my opinion one of the best pieces of workout equipment not only for apartments but for any size workout space.

Punching bags allow you to get a full body workout that not only allows you to improve your cardio but also allows you to work on your strength as well.

You have two options for type of punching bags:

  1. Hanging Heavy Bag
  2. Free Standing Punching Bag

However, you have to understand that some punching bags are not suitable for apartments. You have to know where to look and what to look for when you are choosing your apartment punching bag. You want to make sure that it of course will fit, but that it is also quite along with several other things that most people forget to look for.

When choosing your apartment punching bag keep in mind, you likely won’t be able to hang a heavy punching bag overhead in your apartment somewhere. Well at least most won’t be able to. If you can’t hang a heavy bag punching bag then instead of a heavy bag, you’ll want to buy a freestanding punching bag.

Free standing punching bags are usually the type that most people go with, and is the type of punching bag that SmartMMA recommends for people trying to find a compact punching bag for their apartment that will not take up a bunch of space.

Also, make sure that you choose one that will remain firmly on the ground at all times. You don’t want the platform sliding around and destroying your floors. Regardless, you’ll love your new punching bag. It’ll ensure that you’re able to exercise at home and get a great workout.

Since punching bags are inexpensive, they make great additions to any modern gym.

Compact Bodyweight Home Gym

You’ll likely want to take things one step further. If this is the case, you should think about purchasing a compact bodyweight home gym. The possibilities are endless but you’ll want to stick with one of the most popular models.

For instance, you’ll find that the Total Gym XLS and the Weider Ultimate Bodyworks are great for this purpose. The only downside is the fact that these products are expensive so they might not be suitable for your budget. Nevertheless, they’ll prove to be well worth it.

With some, you’ll be able to perform more than 80 exercises with one piece of equipment. This ensures that you’ll be able to strengthen your legs, arms, shoulders, and so much more. The Total Gym XLS measures 19″ by 51″ by 9″ when folded making it perfect for apartments of all sizes. Other similar products are compact as well.

If you’re serious about strengthening your body and losing weight, you need to buy one of these products.

Pull Up And Dip Bar

Using your body weight to strengthen your muscles is wise. This is a cost-effective solution to the problem and it is a good choice for anyone living in an apartment. With this in mind, you should think about purchasing a pull-up and dip bar.

You can choose from various models but most of them are great for apartments. You’ll likely want to stay away from the freestanding models since they might be too big for your apartment. Instead, you might be better off with a bar that fits in your doorway. This keeps things out of the way and ensures you’re able to get a good workout.

With this equipment, you’ll be able to develop your arm and shoulder muscles. Just remember that some equipment can damage your walls. Therefore, you need to take precautions and choose the right equipment. Do that and you’ll be satisfied with the decision you made.

Adjustable Dumbbells

You’ll want to take advantage of dumbbells. Once you have a few dumbbells, you’ll be able to develop your arm muscles while sitting on the couch and watching television.

However, you live in an apartment so you likely don’t have room for a large dumbbell rack. And, you don’t want to stick with two or three weights. To avoid this problem, you should make the upgrade to adjustable dumbbells. They’re far more compact than the alternatives so you can guarantee that they’ll fit into your apartment easily.

With adjustable dumbbells, you’ll be able to set the weight in seconds. This makes things much easier for you and it consumes less space. Do some research so you can add great adjustable dumbbells to your apartment’s gym. Make sure that you can adjust the weights fluidly and that they won’t fall off the bar during the middle of your exercise.



You’ll find that most professional athletes like using kettlebells. The reasons for this are numerous and versatile. Kettlebells are excellent for burning calories, enhancing your range of motion, and strengthening your body. This is why so many professionals prefer using these products.

Kettlebells are great for your home gym too and they don’t take up a lot of space. However, you’ll need to find the sizes that are going to work best for you. Kettlebells are similar to dumbbells. You’ll want a few but not too many.

Therefore, you should choose weights that work best for you. Most people won’t need 35-pound kettlebells right away. Stick with the lower weights until you’ve built your strength and endurance. This will prevent you from adding too much equipment to your apartment gym immediately.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a must for in-apartment gyms. The band should be constructed of durable but flexible materials. You will have several options to choose from, some come with handles while others do not. It is up to you to decide which design is more suitable for your workout needs and preferences.

Resistance bands offer many fitness benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to, muscle strengthening and toning, and improved flexibility, stretching, and mobility. It does not require a lot of space to utilize a resistance band. In fact, you can utilize it in a compact bathroom or inside of a closet if there are no more options available.

Jump Rope

Even if your apartment is compact with only a single bedroom, it is possible to jump rope. This type of exercise can prove valuable when losing extra poundage, building cardio, and improving coordination.

You can purchase a jump rope at your local retail store or health and fitness shop. Just make sure it is adjustable with ergonomic handles. This design will allow you to create a fit that is ideal for your body stature and ensure comfort and full control even if you jump rope for over 15 minutes with each workout.

The only potential downside to utilizing a jump rope inside a small apartment is the low ceiling height. Jumping rope inside your apartment will require adequate space, especially in the area above your head. Your ceilings must be at least 10 feet in height to provide enough room for your jump rope.

Exercise Ball

Whether you’re working out or working on the computer, you’ll want to think about using an exercise ball. It might look like a toy but it isn’t.

With an exercise ball, you’ll receive numerous benefits. When sitting at your computer, an exercise ball can help you burn calories, perfect your posture, and ease your back pain. Plus, you can use your exercise ball for various workouts. They’ll help you get more from pushups and chest presses.

Using an exercise ball is a good way to strengthen your core. Since they’re small and inexpensive, exercise balls are a good option for anyone who is going to be working out in their apartment.

Aerobic Platform

You’ll also want to think about benefiting from step aerobics. With a good aerobic platform, you’ll be able to take your ordinary exercises to a new level. Step aerobics provides you with a high-intensity workout that you’re going to love. And, this exercise offers various benefits. For instance, it can help you gain more strength while reducing fat.

The compact size ensures that you’ll be able to hide the stepper when you’re not using it. If you have a gym in your apartment and you’re looking for something different, the aerobic platform or stepper will do the trick.

Exercise Mat

Another piece of equipment that is a necessity for on-site gyms is an exercise mat. This equipment will provide you with a comfortable area to perform floor exercises, such as plants, sit-ups, booty kicks, and push-ups. You don’t need a large gym mat but it does need to be big enough to fit your entire body.

You must decide what thickness will suit your preferences and needs best before making an initial purchase. Gym mats are available in various sizes and thicknesses. Just keep in mind, the thicker the gym mat, the more comfort and support it will provide. This is especially true for apartments with laminate, type, or hardwood flooring. The thickness will not matter so much if your flooring is carpet.

Workout Bench


A workout bench is not considered a necessity in home settings. But, it can provide much-needed stability and support when lifting weights and doing push-ups. This type of exercise equipment can also help ensure proper body positions when performing different exercises.

Workout benches are available in different sizes and designs. You do not need a large bench but it does need to have an adjustable backrest and foam foot pad rollers. This design will help when obtaining and maintaining proper body positions.

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