Best Tricep bars in 2022: Our Top 5 Picks

If you lack muscles and want to gain some with exercise, you can try the Tricep bar for strength training. This fantastic tool is used for strength training. With this tool, you can get triceps. However, if you are a new one, I am here to help you with a review the best tricep bars in 2022.

Most of us are busy with our everyday work, and there is no additional time to go to the gym or spend time jogging. But you can purchase some workout tools and keep them at home. Thus, you can do some workouts whenever you get time. However, for your gym, the best tricep bar is essential.

This highly effective exercise tool helps you to build muscles. Let’s learn more about it and know some best options available in the market.

5 Best Tricep bars in 2022

Tricep bars are now widespread and easy workout equipment to build muscles. However, if you decide to try one for the first time, you will find many brands and models in the market. It will be tough for you to find the right one according to budget, durability, effectiveness, and some other matters.

For you, I bring this best tricep bar review. Also, see the best five hammer curl bars available in the market.

Product nameMaterialWeightDimensionWeight limit
CAP Barbell Olympic Triceps barAlloy Steel19.25 Pounds34 x 6.7 x 2.75 inches200 Pounds
Titan Fitness 34″ Barbell Tricep Hammer Curl barChrome Steel23 Pounds2″H x 8″W x 34″L200 Pounds
Marcy Threaded Solid Chrome Triceps BarAlloy Steel15.9 Pounds7.8 x 86.4 x 6.4 centimetres200
Valor Fitness OB-MULTI Swiss Bar Football BarbellAluminum26 Pounds73 x 7 x 2 inches300
  1. CAP Barbell Olympic Triceps Bar

This model of CAP Barbell comes with a solid steel body with a chrome finish. This construction makes the tool durable and nice-looking. The workout equipment can take 200 pounds, and its weight is 19.28 pounds. If you want to consider the dimension, it is 34.25 inches x 6.69 inches.

The tricep curl bar is strong enough, and you can use it for long days. There is no possibility of breaking it soon. If you are a beginner, you can try this Olympic tricep bar as a first one. But it is also suitable for an expert. The tool allows you to remove the weight plates easily.

The bar is designed in such a way that it reduces stress on different joints and elbows. You will feel comfortable with the handgrips that are non-slip and neutral. In addition, the revolving sleeves ensure the best comfort during workouts.

So, it will be worth your money.


  • Durable one with Steel body and chrome finish
  • Comfortable handgrips
  • Reasonable price


  • Needs better finishing
  1.  Titan Fitness 34″ Barbell Tricep Hammer Curl bar

It is another top-quality fitness bar. When you push up it, you will find the handlebars in the correct position with proper grip. Again, the rotating sleeves make the workout smoother. But people with larger hands may find the hammer curl bar smaller.

This best tricep bar has a 2″H x 8″W x 34″L dimension. You can add Olympic plates of 200 pounds with it.   You can make your tricep muscle easily with this tool because it is designed to ensure the muscles’ best concentration. While using it, you may not feel discomfort in the forearms, wrists, and elbows areas.

Besides, this Titan Tricep Bar is made of solid steel that is very durable for long time use. So from beginners to professionals, all types of people can use it. Another good news is that this high-quality weight bar is very affordable in price.


  • Smooth rotating sleeves
  • Ergonomic handgrips


  • Not suitable for the people with large hands
  1. Marcy Threaded Solid Chrome Triceps Bar

Marcy Threaded Solid Chrome Triceps bar is another best tricep bar near me that I have tried. This accessory is very effective in building muscles through easy workouts. So, start your workout training at home with the most comfortable with this tricep bar.

If you consider the construction, you may find a heavy-duty tricep curl bar with a alloy steel body with chrome finished. The surface is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The handle comes with an adequately improved grip.

The ergonomic curl handle also looks beautiful. You need not worried about the weight plates because of the spinlock collars. The two locks attach the bar firmly to the ends and secure the plates during your exercise.

You can easily transport the bar from one place to another because it is lightweight. It takes the small place of your home. The dimension of this bar is 34 inches x 7 inches x 2.5 inches. You can try the best tricep bar exercises with this fantastic equipment and level up your everyday workout.


  • Best tricep bar at a reasonable price
  • Lasts long
  • Easy to clean


  • Some complaints about collars and screws
  1. Valor Fitness OB-MULTI Swiss Bar Football Barbell

This multi-grip barbell is another better choice. It is made of 12-gauge steel, which makes it durable and robust. It is helpful for different workouts such as bench press, tricep, curls, etc. The chrome sleeves make it comfortable while using.

This bar comes with 2 Olympic spring clips. It can take a 300 lb weight. However, it is lengthy, and the dimension is 73 x 7 x 2 inches.

Another advantage of this bar is that it has multiple grip options. You can try six positioned grips that offer you to use four different positions to try different exercises. So, try it as a hammer curl bar or bicep curls bar, and shoulder, rows exercises.

Black matte-coated grip handles look beautiful and provide comfort. It also secures the bars properly. The curled grip handles are 5 inches, and the angled one is 6 inches. The sleeves fit 2 inches plates. The length of the sleeve is 10 inches. A hex bolt is used to secure the sleeves.


  • Multi-functions bar
  • Large one
  • Allows different workouts
  • A great one for the people with bad shoulders


  • Not good for heavy loads

What are the Benefits of Tricep Bar? 

Tricep bars are weight lifting bar that helps you to build tricep muscle. Most tricep bars are steel-made and come with sleeves and grip bars to take weight plates. But, first, let’s see the benefits of a workout with the bars.

  1. Tricep bars are comfortable

You can use the straight bar to do exercise. But the tricep bar provides you with some extra benefits. This bar helps you to workout comfortably. The handle has an angle that makes it comfortable for the wrists. Moreover, you can perform tricep and bicep exercises because of the curl variations.

So, it saves your wrists and keeps you working all week.

  1. Budget-friendly

If you search for the barbells in the market, you will find them pricey. But triceps bars are budget-friendly. To get health benefits, you need to invest some money. For home workouts, you can invest in a tricep bar.

After growing muscle to a level, you can invest more for more progress. But as an initial investment, try a tricep bar.

  1. Interesting to use

It is not easy to lift weights. But lifting weight helps grow muscles and makes them strong. Besides, it is interesting. If you have not done such exercise before, you can try the tricep bar, which is easier and more enjoyable.

It also helps you to keep yourself away from injuries. Besides, you do not spend more time recovering yourself from further exercises.

  1. Compact

Tricep bars are effective but straightforward to use. The size is compact and easy for beginners. You can quickly move your position and do muscle exercises. In addition, you can easily store this equipment in a place.

Do exercises for different ratios in your muscles

If you have done bicep training before, you may know the influences of the angle of the wrists and muscle ratio. For example, the tricep and hammer curls bar have a neutral grip. So, they work the deeper upper and forearm muscles more and upper arm muscles less.

So, with the different ratios in the muscles, the equipment works great to get muscles quickly.

Use it for different exercises.

Most exercise equipment like barbells does not allow you to do many types of exercise with the same tool. But with a tricep bar, you can try different tricep and bicep exercises such as hammer curls, skull crushers, bench presses, front raises, etc.

Tricep bar Exercises 

The tricep bar works on different parts of the muscles of the upper arms. This workout equipment is very effective in making muscles in the arm areas. Let’s see some exercises of this tool.

Lying Triceps Extension

The name of this exercise is skull crusher. Mainly EZ curl bar is used to do this exercise. But it is not easy because of its wavy handle. But with the tricep Olympic bar, you can easily do tricep exercises. At first, lay on a flat place in a face-up position. Now hold the bar above the chest with arms and extend the arms fully.

Then bend the elbows and keep the bar near the forehead next, push the tricep bar back up, and repeat it.

Push the bar back up in a steady motion and repeat.

Hammer Curls

It is a biceps exercise. Biceps are located in the upper arms. It is the opposite muscle to the triceps. Hold the bad like a hammer handle. Then use it as a dumbbell and continue exercising. Keep the bar in front of you and stand on your feet. Now keep the core tight and take the bar with hands bending the elbows.

Then lift it near your chest. Then slowly lower down the bar. Repeat the exercise several times.

Overhead Triceps Extension

You can do it standing or sitting. Take the handle with your hands and keep the bar above the head. Extend arms fully. Repeat the exercise.

There are some other positions and exercises. Learn them properly from a professional trainer and then try the activities at home. The wrong position can cause harm.


Without exercise, there is no way to gain tricep muscles and a healthier body. And the easiest way is to use the best tricep bar. I hope this article helps you get the right budget-friendly tricep bar for you. 

Then, spend several minutes in your home with this exercise equipment and have your desired muscles.


Now see some mostly asked questions about tricep bars and related to this topic.

What is a tricep bar used for?

Ans: A tricep bar is used for building tricep and bicep muscles. Besides, all types of exercises remove fats from the body. So Tricep bar exercises also do that.

A tricep bar works for which muscles?

Ans: A tricep bar works mainly for tricep muscles. Triceps muscles are the muscles in the back arms area. Three muscular bundles are available there above the elbow. The tricep bar improves muscle shapes.

Tricep Bars vs. EZ Curl Bars: Which one is better?

Ans: The grip is the main difference between tricep bars and EZ curl bars. The tricep bar comes with a neutral grip. On the other hand, the EZ curl bar has an underhand positioned grip. For this reason, the neutral grip is comfortable, but the hold of the EZ curl bar is not comfortable.

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