Can I Do Squats Everyday? (And Other Squat Facts You Need To Know)

If you want to tone and strengthen your lower body, squats are your best friend. They help you sculpt the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes through simple movements. This effective and versatile exercise also helps improve mobility and flexibility while you burn fat.

As so many people ask, “Can I do squats everyday?”. Well, the answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. In fact, there are many considerations you should make before you even attempt to do daily squats. Let us start with its benefits and disadvantages.

Benefits Of Doing Squats Everyday

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There can be many advantages of doing squats everyday or on a regular or frequent basis. These include the following:

1. It Enhances Strength And Power

Squats work the quads, hamstrings, and glutes, the primary stabilizers of the body. These builds strength and power while also improving hip extension, which is needed so you can jump vertically.

Squats also signal the production of muscle-building hormones that strengthen the whole body. Weighted squats push the body even further for better anabolic benefits. To help you get a hang of weighted squats better, you might want to check these squat rack with pull up bar reviews.

2. Squats Make Your Butt And Legs Look Great

Contrary to what other people say, squatting with weights won’t necessarily cause your legs to bulk up too much. The basic squat movement is a sure-fire way to build lean muscles which makes the limbs tight and toned. Squats also work your legs and butt by targeting the inner thigh muscles and glutes. This helps you achieve that sculptured, sexy look.

3. Squats Improve Your Mobility And Sense Of Balance

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Squats are an effective and safe way to enhance the mobility in your ankles and hips without taxing your joints. Squats can also help in preventing knee and lower back pain.

By strengthening your leg and core muscles which are key stabilizer and movement-supporting muscles, squats also help increase your range of motion and maintain your balance.

4. Squats Make For A Strong And Toned Core

By performing weighted squats, you challenge your core muscles to stabilize the body. The rectus abdominis and transverse muscles are engaged the entire time, which results in tighter and stronger abs and a flat stomach!

A strong core not only lowers the risk of injury but also allows you to squat better.

5. Squats Improve Your Posture

Whether you do squats with or without weights, you engage the muscles of the upper back. This stabilizes upper body movements and strengthens the muscles that help you maintain the proper posture.

6. Squats Burn Fat

Like any other exercises, daily squats will help you burn calories and fat faster. The movement also creates a condition that is conducive to muscle development, which in turn further improves the body’s calorie-burning capacity.

Squats also stimulate the production and release of testosterone and growth hormones which boost your metabolism to enhance muscle gain and fat loss.

7. Squats Help You Avoid Injuries

Apart from strengthening your stabilizer muscles, squats also strengthen the ligaments and connective tissues of your joints. They promote flexibility and control over your movements, which work for injury prevention.

8. Squats Are Versatile

There are so many variations of squats you can choose from aside from bodyweight squats and weighted squats. You can do pistol squats, squat jacks, box squats, plie squats, and many other squat variations, your imagination and creativity are the only limits! Keep your routine exciting and interesting by switching up and combining variations.

Possible Concerns About Daily Squats

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Based on the previously mentioned benefits of squats, you might think that it is all butterfly and rainbows. Sorry to burst your bubble, but doing squats everyday may also pose a few problems like muscle strain, injuries, and muscle fatigue due to:

1. Not Warming Up

Because people are so busy these days, we tend to forego warming up and go straight to our main workout. However, experts from the American College of Sports medicine say that warming up is absolutely necessary before exercising. It primes your mind, heart, brain, lungs, and muscles for the activity that’s about to come.

Warming up gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing to your working muscles. In a recent study, cyclists who complete a warm up exhibited improved oxygen consumption on the actual activity. They also covered the same distance at a faster rate than those who did not warm up.

The same could be expected to be true for squats. If you warm up, you exercise more efficiently without causing as much strain and stress on your body. This also reduces injury. Even a light and short warm-up session will suffice.

2. Improper Form

When you fail to maintain the proper form when performing squats, you can harm your hips, spine, knees, and lower back. This is because your weight is not correctly and evenly distributed, putting pressure on all the wrong parts of your body.

So, make sure to maintain the proper form especially if you plan to increase the frequency and repetitions of your squats.

Your body will usually send warning signals to your brain when your form is not good. Because of this, you might experience pain or discomfort after the first few squats.

However, it is also worth noting that for beginners, some soreness of muscles is perfectly normal and reasonable even when doing squats with the proper form.

Things To Consider Before Attempting To Do Squats Everyday

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As I have mentioned earlier, there are some considerations you should first think about before trying to squat everyday. I listed them down here:

1. Your Goals

Before anything else, think about your fitness goals. Why do you want to do squats everyday? Do you want to get leaner and more toned legs and butt? Do you want to gain muscle? Depending on your goal, it may or may not be beneficial to do squats daily.

Many strength lifters, however, have succeeded in strengthening they lower body by squatting everyday. On the other hand, doing squats everyday is not for powerlifters since their back and leg muscles need extra time to recover from lifting almost up to their maximum.

If you can squat with weights that allow you to do 10-20 reps per set, then doing squats everyday would be relatively safe.

2. Your Level of Strength Training

Next, you should know how fit and strong you are and where you’re at with your training. People with more exercise experience usually know their body better and know how to read and respond to signs of fatigue. They know when to reduce the load, stop, or take a break.

As you start doing squats everyday, you may feel invigorated and excited. However, fatigue and stress may build over time. If you are a beginner, you might not be as sensitive to read your body’s messages.

3. The Intensity of Your Squats

If you squat everyday to 90% of your maximum, your body faces much more stress than if you lift heavy weights once per week with other days of additional lower intensity and higher repetition squats for volume.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you get enough rest and sleep. Your body requires more quality sleep if you are lifting heavy weights everyday.

4. Your History of Injuries

If you have a history of injuries on your back, ankles, hips, and knees, you have to take these into account. If you have not yet mastered the proper form for squats, you are at a much higher risk of aggravating a past injury or causing a new one.

Familiarize yourself with any weak points in your form and make sure to address them as soon as possible as you train. You can use mobility drills and supportive or accessory exercises to help you improve your form.

Strengthen your form since squatting frequently can cause injuries since the muscles and joints are overused.

5. Other Factors

You should also consider other factors outside yourself and the gym such as your schedule, job, family, genes, nutrition, sleeping pattern, and overall health. All of these affect your ability to stay motivated and inspired to do squats everyday as well as maintain a good form and intensity.

No matter what causes your stress, your body responds similarly. Whether it is due to a traffic jam, pressure on your job, or family issues, stress can cause fatigue, bad moods, poor performance, and inability to get enough quality sleep.

If you are healthy and happy in all these other areas, on the other hand, you can devote your free time to recover from squats and focus on getting better.

You should also get your hormone and blood levels checked by a doctor. Look out for any imbalances or irregularities. Advice from a fitness coach and dietician may also be helpful.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep and proper nutrition to support your body while lifting and doing squats everyday.

If you want to know how squats can transform your body, watch this video:


So, to answer the question, “Can I do squats everyday?”: Yes. You certainly can, given that you warm up, observe proper form, and don’t overwork your muscles. This way, you will reap amazing benefits without the negatives.

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