How Much Does A Punching Bag Weigh? Which one is suitable for you?

Contrary to popular belief, fitness enthusiasts from a wide range use punching bags to take care of their bodies. Punching bags let you strike them continuously and help you to keep your muscles in good shape.

After hearing “punching bag”, many questions pop up in your mind. How much does a punching bag weigh, what should you consider before buying one, and what are its pros and cons- the list would be endless. Well, it’s not that complicated and we’ll learn about them very soon. 

What Is A Punching Bag?

A Punching bag is a rough and tough bag especially made for repeated punching. There are several materials like sand, grains, etc., inside the bag. 

As you punch the bag, it absorbs the impending impact and energy. In this way, your muscles get stronger. These boxing bags are used in martial arts, in gyms, in personal practices. 

It is a much needed equipment for becoming a boxer.  

5 Most Common Types Of Punching Bags 

Though punching into the bags seems pretty straightforward, there are different categories of them according to your need. These differences are visible due to their variation in shapes. Here I’m going to name 5 of the most common types.

Type 1: Freestanding Punching Bag

Instead of hanging from the ceiling, you mount freestanding bags on a stand, and their bases are filled heavily. These types of bags are very beginner-friendly and suitable for home gyms. But if you hit them with power, they might seem very light and will knock down easily. 

Type 2: Standard Heavy Bag

These are the most familiar type of punching bags and a lot of gyms use them for practice. Apart from boxing and kickboxing, heavy bags are used for various martial arts practicing. These bags length between 4 to 5 feet and are filled up very tightly. 

Type 3: Banana Bag

Significantly taller and heavier in dimension, banana bangs can be useful for combo practice of your fist and kick. If your main focus is on boxing, banana bags might fail to please you. But due to their unique shape, you can use them for imitating an opponent and practice. 

Type 4: Teardrop Heavy Punching Bag

The name teardrop suits the shape of these punching bags very well. Its thin upper part and comparatively wider lower part make it swing while you can practice a wide variety of bases. From uppercuts to kickboxing, you name it and teardrop will be there at your service. 

Type 5: Wrecking Ball Bag

Wrecking ball bags are modified versions of teardrop heavy bags. Unlike the teardrop bag, wrecking ball bags are rounder in shape and weighs more. 

That heavier weight restrains them to swing like the teardrop bags and wrecking ball bags are more popular for practicing uppercuts.

Aside from the mentioned types of punching bags, martial artists and boxers also use uppercut bags, double-end bags, and body opponent bags.

Punching Bag’s Weight And Its Importance

A punching bag can be of significant help in reducing stress, gaining balance, and an overall sound workout. Normally the weight of a regular punching bag is 70 pounds. But it can weigh up to 200 pounds.

For beginners and young boxers, choosing a punching bag of heavier weight can hurt tremendously. At the same time, it will do more harm than good. On the contrary, lighter-weight punching bags will not provide you with strength and power balance if you are already a heavyweight boxer.

How to choose the right punching bag?

Since there are many sizes and weights of punching bags, you might be thinking about which one to choose. The rule of thumb for choosing the right punching bag is that the punching bag weight should be nearly half of your body weight. 

In addition to the general rule, there are also some categories of punching bags to choose from.

  1. Young And Beginner 

40-pound punching bags should be suitable for young and beginner boxers.

  1. Teenagers

In general, 70 pounds punching bags are more optimal for teenagers and beginner boxers who are slightly heavy.

  1. Intermediate

If you are an intermediate boxer, then 100-pound heavy punching bags should suit you.

  1. Heavyweight

As the name suggests, heavyweight boxers should practice with heavier punching bags. Around 200 pounds heavy bags should work fine. 

4 Tips For Using Punching Bags

If you wanna keep the punching bag functional for a longer period, then what should you do? Well, we have pointed out that for you here. 

Tip 1: Hang  Properly

While using punching bags that are hung from the ceiling, make sure to hang them properly. Otherwise, while practicing, they might fall on the ground and hurt severely.

Tip 2: Choose Wisely

If you don’t know which punching bag to use, don’t choose a random one. Look at your height, weight, and expertise and according to that choose your punching bags. These early mental calculations will save you from future injuries.

Tip 3: Grow Gradually

On the first day of your practice, don’t choose the heavy bag popular for extreme boxing. Start from a beginner-friendly one and keep practicing until you feel confident with it. 

Tip 4: Use Variation

To get the best results from punching bag workouts, use a variety of punching bags. This will help you to gain an overall development and proper balance of your body.

Final Words

Punching bags are pretty common as workout equipment. If you are just starting, you might have a lot of confusion. But I hope this article will be helpful to guide you and answer your questions like how much a punching bag weighs, is it even good, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Gloves For a Punching Bag?

Gloves protect your wrist knuckles from serious injuries. Beginners must use gloves so that they don’t end up hurting themselves. If you have prior experience and know the right techniques you can practice bare-knuckle. But using gloves is always recommended.

How To Choose The Perfect Punching Bag?

Your perfect punching bag depends on your body height and weight. The common rule is to choose one that is half of your body weight and height. Other than that, beginners should use lightweight punching bags and heavyweight bags are for experts.

Is Punching Bag Good For Workouts?

A punching bag of perfect weight will give you strength and enhance your power. It will also help you to adjust your focus while building up numerous muscles in your body. So, it will be good for your overall development.


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