How to clean rubber dumbbells

There are many dumbbells like fixed rubber dumbbells, urethane dumbbells, hex dumbbells, chrome dumbbells, adjustable dumbbell, etc. But among most of them, rubber dumbbells are famous in the market. 

But rubber dumbbells are not that easy to handle. They need cleaning regularly. So, if you are feeling helpless about the rubber dumbbell cleaning, we are here for you! In this article, you are going to get details about how to clean rubber dumbbells. 

What is a rubber dumbbell?

Rubber dumbbells are metal dumbbells. But it has a layer of rubber outside. But rubber dumbbells are easy to move for new people. And it also gives a premium look to your home gym. Besides, it is steady to use.

Why you need to clean your rubber dumbbells?

When you buy a rubber dumbbell, then it is your goal to maintain fitness with that equipment. But maintaining the dumbbell along with yourself is also important. So when you sustain its cleaning appropriately, it can offer you a long-lasting service. That’s why it is significant for rubber dumbbells. 

How to clean rubber dumbbells: An easy Step-by-step Guide

You can easily use rubber dumbbells as a piece of fitness equipment. The material you will need for cleaning is rubber dumbbells, water, dish soap, and clean cloths.

Now having gathered all these, you need to follow these steps. 

First, you need to take a bucket for the water. Then in that water, mix the dish soap. Try to mix the dish soap with the right amount. It should not be very less or very extreme. 

After mixing, then soak it with a clean cloth. Then wipe it on the surface of the dumbbell. After wiping, you can keep it outside to dry or you can again wipe it with another clean cloth.

How to clean rusty dumbbells?

Sometimes you will see that people are taking rusty dumbbells. Not only are they cheap, but they are also easy to clean. 

The things you need for cleaning rusty dumbbells: wire brush, vinegar or coke, bucket and rust-oleum. Then follow these simple steps. 

First, take out your rusty dumbbells and clean them with a wire brush. But it will not be clean enough. That’s why you need to follow the next steps. 

After that, you need to make a solution of water and vinegar/coke with a ratio of 1:1.  Nextly, absorb the dumbbell in the solution for 24 hours to 72 hours. Don’t lose your patience during this time. 

After absorbing it, take it out of the solution. Then rinse it with a dry towel properly. The last step is to use your rust oleum to spray the dumbbell. 

How to clean metal dumbbells?

When your metal dumbbells get dirty, they can give you a hard day for cleaning them. Manufacturers make it with stainless steel. People also call it cast iron hex dumbbells. But we are trying to give you an easy solution. Let’s jump on it!

The materials you need for cleaning metal dumbbells:

  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Plastic wrap
  • Wire brush
  • 3 in one oil

So you have got all the stuff right? Now you can simply follow these steps. 

  1. First, you need to clean the rust from iron dumbbells with the wire brush.
  2. After cleaning it, soak it in white vinegar. Take a bucket, then fill it with white vinegar. Then keep the dumbbell in it for one night 
  3. Don’t make any rush during this process. This one is time-consuming. After one night, take it out and use a paper towel or dry cloth to clean it again.
  4. Then prepare a mixture of water and baking soda. Make sure that the soda is completely dissolved with the water. After that, take a sprayer and put the mixture on it. Then spray the mixture on the dumbbell.
  5. Nextly again rinse it off
  6. Lastly, use your 3 in one oil on the dumbbell. And use a wire brush to clean the metal dumbbell entirely.

How to clean vinyl dumbbells?

Are you too lazy to go to the gym? But you also want to work out? Then a vinyl dumbbell can be your best buddy. Besides, vinyl dumbbells are easy to clean up and safer to use for their dumbbell handle. This is also great for its rubber weight.  

The products you need for cleaning vinyl dumbbells bucket, water, dishwashing soap, and a dry towel or cloth.

First, make a solution of dishwashing soap and water. Don’t provide the dishwashing soap, not to the extreme level. Then take the dry towel or cloth and soak it in the mixture. Nextly, take the cloth and wipe it thoroughly with the dumbbell. Lastly, take another dry cloth then rinse all the dirt.

How to clean neoprene dumbbell:

If you can’t take a grip on your dumbbell because it’s slippery, then a neoprene dumbbell is best for you. Because it can give you a great grip because of its smoothness. It

The cleaning process of neoprene dumbbells and vinyl dumbbells is the same. You can scroll up a little bit and the process is right there.

How to clean rubber hex dumbbell?

A rubber hex dumbbell can also be a piece of perfect gym equipment for you. But the problem with rubber hex dumbbells is, that you can get a smell from their weight plates and rubber coating. And this smell can be a bit unpleasant to you. But you can follow some steps to get rid of it.

You need inly two things for cleaning hex dummbell, and those are rubbing alcohol and damp cloth.

First, you need to make a solution of rubbing alcohol, warm water, and soap. After making the solution, soak it with a damp cloth. Then, wipe it on the rubber hex dumbbells thoroughly. You can also use any extra odor to remove the smell.


When you will see clean dumbbells in your home gym or commercial gym, you will get a spirit for a workout, right? Functional trainers also suggest using clean dumbbells because of their weight plate, hand weights, etc.

Let us know how much you like this article. And also comment below on what you want next. Till then stay tuned with us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which are the best dumbbells for strength training?

You will find dumbbells pair like urethane dumbbells, neoprene dumbbells, vinyl dumbbells, metal dumbbells, etc. in the market. But it depends on your demand and what kind of workout you want to do. 

  1. What kind of dumbbells are best for rep fitness?

You can keep for rep fitness urethane dumbbell, hex dumbbell, rubber coated dumbbell set on your dumbbell rack. 


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