How to wash a Gym Bag? The Ultimate Gym Bag Cleaning Guide

Washing a gym bag is usually different from Washing a bed sheet or clothing. The material used in the bag is usually thick which makes it durable and easier to carry a lot of things, especially transporting necessities, workout clothes or gym clothes in it. 

But washing it comes with a lot of hassle if you don’t know much about it. Though we don’t wash gym bags regularly, it becomes a matter of concern to wash them properly.  Not washing it in the proper way can lead it to stink later. And I’m sure you definitely don’t want it! 

Hence, I’ve decided to bring this topic to the table today. Keep going through and check out the best methods of washing a Gym bag.

How to wash a Gym Bag – Learn Everything involved

There are different ways you can clean off your Gym bag. But picking up the right method is surely important. You can wash the gym bag in two typical ways. For instance – using a machine or washing it by hand. Keep scrolling down to explore both ways.

How to Machine wash your gym bag

If you want to wash your gym bag using a machine, you’ve to be extra careful. Follow these 5 steps to wash a gym bag.

Step 1-  Empty Out the Gym Bag properly 

First, empty out the gym bag before you put it in the washing machine, make sure that you have emptied out the bag. If there is anything left in the pocket or corner, your bag won’t be cleansed off entirely. Besides, your documents or any important things can be damaged by coming into contact with soapy water.

Step 2 –  Turn the Gym Bag inside out

After emptying the bag, turn the bag inside out. It will result in cleaning the inside part well. Moreover, if there is a slight chance of a cut or strip, your bag’s outer part won’t be hampered easily. 

Step 3 –  Take the belt or strap off 

If you use a gym bag with a long belt, be mindful to take it off. In case your bag’s strap is not removable, you can tie them up with a hair tie. As a result, they won’t get tangled up while washing the gym bag into the machine. Keep them properly. Keep it for later use after cleaning the bag.

4. Wash the bag on a delicate cycle

Now you can put the bag into the Washing machine. Use cold water and gentle detergent that is harmless. Don’t wash it on a fastened cycle. Use a delicate mode. 

To prevent any contradictions with the machine, you can give it the same coloured clothes along with the gym bag. If you find your bag extra smelly, use a half spoon of white vinegar. It’s a kind of odor fighter indeed. 

5. Dry it Well with a hanger

As you’ve washed the bag properly, it’s time to dry it well. You can hang the gym bag to dry. But don’t use any blower or warm air to dry it. See! You have washed your gym bag Finally.

How to wash a Gym bag by Hand? 

What if your bag can’t go in the washing machine or you have a large gym bag that is not suitable for machine wash? Don’t worry. A gym bag is also washable by hand. Rather, it’s the safest way to wash a gym bag. It will reduce the possibility of damaging the leather or iron-on patches. Here are the step-by-step Guidelines to wash a gym bag by hand.

Step 1:  Mix up the soap and Water

Use any mild soap or detergent and Mix it well in the water. Definitely, the water is better to be at a regular temperature. Or, you can use slightly warm water for washing it properly.  

There are some laundry detergents that are specifically made for Gym bag wash. You can pick any of them. 

Before choosing a detergent powder for the gym bag, it’s better to go through the instruction level. Besides, try the soap on any corner of the bag to be sure if the soap is suitable for your bag or if there is any probability of fading away from the bag’s colour.

Step 2: Brush the bag gently

Just like the machine wash, it is necessary to empty out the bag. Take off straps and any metal things attached to your bag. After you’ve done so, you can use a rag, sponge or soft brush to clean it. Rub the gym bag with the cleansing brush and remove the dirt and dust. Wash the inner side also. Take a note to use a large-sized sink or bowl to wash it.

Step 3: Rinse the bag with water 

After brushing off the dust on the gym bag, dump the bag into clean water and then rinse it precisely. Washing it accurately is important. Otherwise, soapy water won’t get washed off entirely. you can use an antibacterial wipe or a disinfecting wipe to clean it after rinsing.

Step 4: Hang the bag to dry

Now you are at the final step. Hang the Gym bag with clips or a hanger. You can use a dryer but with cool air. Drying the bag with Hanger is the most preferable way.

Final Verdict 

Keep in mind that your Gym bag mostly carries your dirty clothes, towels, and gym shoes with sweats. These can work with germs-growing boosters inside your bag because of its excess moisture. So, after a certain period of time, one should wash the gym bag. To wash the bags properly, you can follow the above methods simply.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I put my Gym Bag in the washing machine? 

Answer: Yes. You can put your gym bag in the washing machine. Just follow some precaution tips like clinching the straps and washing the bag in gentle cycle mode. 

How to wash a gym duffel bag?

Answer: You can wash the duffel bag with your hands or the washing machine. Use some essential oil and white vinegar for betterment. Use sanitized Napkin to wipe the soapy water. 

Can I wash an Adidas gym bag?

Answer: Many people think that Adidas Gym bags aren’t washable. But that’s not the truth. You can clean it just like the other gym bags. 

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