Maxi Climber Vs Versaclimber: Know The Best For Your Needs!

Heading to the gym takes time and a whole lot of effort. If you want to save time and money, building your gym at home is the best thing that you can do.

If you have a small house, the space issue can certainly be a problem for you. Luckily, there are now plenty of space-saving gym equipment that you can now invest in. The most popular ones are Versaclimber and Maxi climber.

The two equipment are highly sought after and are considered to be effective in getting people fit and tones. Because of their similarities, it has become difficult for most people to determine which of the two would suit them best.

Maxi climber vs. Versaclimber—which one should you choose? Well, we are here to help you out! Below you will find a few information on what maxi climbers and Versa climbers are together with their points of differences!

1. What is A Maxi Climber?


Maxi climber is a climbing fitness equipment designed to help the user mimic the movements involved in mountain climbing. This simple movement allows you to make use of all the muscles in your body and can help the user to burn calories, get rid of extra weight, and achieve a toned and fit body.

2. What is a Versaclimber?


The Versaclimber works the same way as Maxi climber in the sense that it also allows the user to make mountain-climbing movements.

However, this one is designed to get rid of excess weight and fats in the body in just a short amount of exercise time. Aside from delivering a complete body workout experience, it also promotes cardio exercise and can, therefore, improve heart health.

To know what type of workout you can do in a Versa climber, please watch this video:

Maxi Climber Vs Versaclimber: The Point Of Differences

Now that you have a short overview of what these two items are, let us tackle their point of difference in detail. These are as follows:

1. Design

Maxi climber features a vertical steel frame with adjustable height settings and isometric grips. It is designed to deliver the benefits of aerobic exercise, muscle tone, and weight resistant in just one equipment.

On the other hand, Versaclimber also has the same vertical frame and isometric grips, but it also features feet pedals and handrails. This one is meant to allow the user to perform an intensive cardiovascular exercise and burn calories with minimal time required.

2. Amount Of Calories Burned

In Maxi climber, you have the opportunity to lose up to 500 calories in one session. On the other hand, Versaclimber is said to help the user up to four times more calories. However, further studies are needed to verify such a claim.

3. Type Of Workout

As mentioned, Maxi climber allows the user to perform a full-body workout which can help to tone the muscles and burn calories at the same time. On the other hand, the movements involved in the Versaclimber helps you to move both upper and lower body muscles and perform cardio workouts.

4. Space Requirement

Maxi climber has dimensions of 57 x 10 inches and weighs 33 pounds. With a weight of 86 pounds, Versaclimber is much heavier than the Maxi climber, but it is considered smaller as it only has a dimension of 36 x 44 inches.

Both of these items are foldable and can be stored in the closet or under the bed.

5. Operation

Maxi climber has a console with essential features and controls. In there, you can find a calorie counter along with a step count. The sad part is, this equipment does not have any programs which will make it difficult for you to determine the progress that you have made.

On the other hand, Versaclimber is considered to be more advanced than the former because it has three modes of operation. Its console also shows different essential stats such as distance, workout time, calorie burned, and many others. All of this information allows you to monitor your fitness development and help you to stay on the right track.

The Versa climber comes with a total of 16 programs and allow the user to adjust its height and offers a more versatile operation.

6. Price

Comparing the features and technology incorporated in the equipment, it is expected Maxi climbers are much more affordable than Versaclimbers. According to our research, Maxi climbers are priced lower than $500 while Versaclimbers come at a price range of above $2000.

This is one of the most significant deciding factors that many people consider. After all, the difference in the prices of the equipment is quite big.

In Summary: Which Is The One For You?

Maxi climber Vs. Versaclimber—which is the best equipment for you. As you may have seen from the information provided, these two have lots of differences. With that in mind, here is a simple guide to know which one is for you:

Since the maxi climber is more affordable, this is an excellent choice if you are tight on budget. This is also a fantastic option for people who plan to tone their upper and lower bodies and also, lose weight but do not have plenty of time to spare.

On the other hand, Versaclimber is the better choice if you have money and time to spare. This is also the best option for you if you are a bit overweight and wish to burn more calories. Lastly, This is an excellent choice for people with small spaces in their homes.

We hope that you can this simple guide can help you make the right decision. If you have other tips on how to choose between the two equipment, please drop a comment below!

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