Slow Jogging vs Fast Walking: Which One Is Better for You?

Jogging and walking are good forms of exercise to maintain a healthy life. But which one is best among slow jogging vs fast walking? It is a confusing question.

Running and working are great everyday exercises that keep your heart, body, and bones. Slow jogging and fast walking are very similar. But there are some differences in some techniques and movements.

Slow jogging is good for avoiding cardiovascular risks and is also better for athletes. If you jog slowly, it helps you consume more energy than walking the same range at the same speed. However, to know more about the two forms of similar exercise, stay with me.

Slow Running vs Fast Walking: Head to Head Comparison

The combination of walking and jogging is now very popular among people trying to lose weight. But it is an important question which one is better for the body as exercise.

Slow running or jogging is faster than fast walking. When you run slowly for 3-4km per hour, it consumes more calories than fast walking at the same distance at the same time. This is because when you jog, you are in a jumping motion.

But when you increase the speed like 6-7 km, which one is beneficial among slow running vs fast walking? This question can confuse you. When you run speedy, walking consumes more calories at the same speed.

But of course, slow running helps you to lose weight more quickly than speed walking. This is because when we walk faster or run slowly, the energy consumed deals with glycogen in the fast-twist muscle fibers. 

So, jogging is better than power walking or brisk walk. If you face any problem with slow jogging with your body, you can go power walking. It is also good for health and fitness.

Slow Jogging Benefits

Of course, slow jogging is a great form of physical exercise. It helps you to keep your body fit and also lose weight. Some of the benefits are the below:

  • Strengthens your muscles, arms, and legs.
  • Make you flexible by adapting tendons, joints
  • Makes your bones strong
  • Improve the running form
  • Good for the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and muscular system.
  • Calorie burn in Slow jogging is more than walking
  • Flush away toxins from our body

Fast Walking Benefits

Fast walking is also a good exercise for health. It also provides you with many health benefits. I have made a list of the benefits of fast walking. Let’s learn them.

  • Increase heart rate. It is good for heart health.
  • Improve muscles flexibility and good for your joint movements.
  • Burn calories and are effective for the weight loss process.
  • The best exercise for leg muscles and strengthens them.
  • Good for strong bones
  • It decreases heart risks.

Which One Is Suitable for You?

Now you may want to know if a slow jog is better than a fast walk? Or slow jogging vs running, which one is better for your health or weight loss journey. This portion is for you.

If you are trying this type of exercise for the first time, choose walking. It will be better for you. After some weeks of regular walking, you can turn your exercise too fast walking to burn more calories. Then after that, you can try slow jogging.

If you have heart disease or heart-related problems, it depends on your fitness if you consider walking 5 km vs running 5km. Running uses more energy. But walking is easier. Running can cause stress, injury, etc.

So, you should choose one exercise that improves your body and health. You should choose fast walking if you are searching for a less impactful way.

The Differences Between Slow Jogging and Fast Walking

Slow jogging vs fast jogging and slow jogging vs fast walking make confusion among the people. But, on the other hand, you may say both of them are very similar. So, what are the differences?

To find out the differences, you can compare both exercises at the same speed and for the same distance. Then, compare which one is burning more calories. When you work harder, your body burns more calories. So, in this case, slow jogging uses more energy than fast walking.

When you are jogging, it impacts more on the muscles, tendons, and other parts of the body than walking.


Slow jogging and fast walking are excellent aerobic exercises that are beneficial to maintaining fit health. Both work well for heart rate and weight loss and strengthen bones and muscles.

To increase your fitness level, you can try any of them that go well with your body. After comparing slow jogging vs fast walking, we can say both are good for our health. Just choose what is better for you.


Is a Slow Jog Good for You?

Ans: Yes, a slow jog is good for you as an excellent form of physical exercise. If you do not have any heart diseases or problems, slow jogging is a great choice to keep yourself fit and lose weight quickly.

Does Slow Jogging Help Lose Weight?

Ans: Yes, slow jogging helps to lose weight. When you jog slowly, your body parts move in a certain motion. Therefore, it impacts most of the body parts. Besides, slow walking consumes a great number of calories. Thus, it helps to lose weight.

Is a Slow Jog Better Than Walking?

Ans: Yes, a slow jog is better than walking because jogging uses more energy than walking though you are trying them at the same speed. It is because the movement, speed, etc., matters. And, commonly, the process that needs more energy is more useful.

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