Swiss Bar Vs EZ Curl Bar: Head to Head Comparison

Barbells are always very favorite for weight lifters. Using the right barbell, you can develop muscles, gain strength, and stay fit. But to get these benefits, you need to choose among hundreds of different barbells, which one is the best for you.

EZ curl bar is very common and popular among weight lifters. On the other hand, swiss bars are a bit underrated though they are useful for increasing performance and strength. 

As a regular person, you might become confused about selecting between the swiss bar and EZ curl bar. But I will present you a detailed ins and outs on swiss bar vs EZ curl which will help you to make the right decision.

What Is A Swiss Barbell?

Swiss bars, also known as multi-grip bars or football bars, are weight lifting equipment. They are mostly used in the bench press. Since there are multiple grip positions where the palms face each other, you can use it based on your convenience.

The length and width of the multi-grip swiss bar are very convenient. For example, if you check a titan fitness swiss bar review, you’ll find that it lengths 80.25 inches. It has a rackable distance between 38.5 to 51.5 inches and weighs 45 lb.

In the swiss bar, you can use the grips naturally for the bench press. But it doesn’t let you raise more weights compared to the straight bar. Again, it doesn’t put much stress on the shoulders which reduces the risks of upper-body injuries. 

What are the benefits of Swiss Bar?

If you are familiar with the straight barbell and still wondering whether switching to swiss bars will be a good idea, let me tell you about its benefits. 

  1. Safe Shoulders

Swiss bars will help you to do bench press in a much easier way that puts less stress on your shoulders. For beginners, you should start with the 2nd narrowest grip. Thus your shoulders will be safer from potential shoulder injuries.

  1. Natural Wrist Position

The grips in a swiss bar are placed in a way that you easily get a natural grip. That’s why your wrists don’t feel much difficulty and you can continue workout with a natural wrist position. 

  1. Stronger Tricep

bench pressing with swiss bars will have an impact on your tricep muscles. It also works on the elbow. So, if you practice with straight bars after using swiss bars, you’ll be able to lift more weights with the regular one.

  1. Suitable For All

There are different grips at different positions in a swiss bar. That’s why no matter whether you are a big guy with longer arms or an average person, a swiss bar has room for you. You can use wider or narrower grips according to your need. 

  1. Comparatively Cheaper

The prices of other specialized barbells are relatively higher than that of the swiss bars. If you compare it with other gym types of equipment available, it will be quite reasonable for you and will be very useful for you.

  1. Variation In Workouts

Though bench press using the swiss bar is very popular, swiss bars have other uses too. Apart from bench press, you can try floor press, JM press, shoulder press, and even hammer curls with swiss bars and the list goes on. 

  1. Effective Equipment

Swiss bars are very effective if you compare them with other existing workout equipment. In most cases, the versatile workouts that come at a very reasonable price in swiss bars are way better than others.

What Is An EZ Curl Barbell?

The modified version of the standard conventional barbell, the EZ curl barbell is a ‘W’ shaped one with many angles. These angles help the lifter to put their hands at ease and reduce the stress on the wrist and elbows. 

Traditional straight bars are different from the EZ curl bar in their unique shape and measurements. EZ curl bar is shorter in length as it lengths between 46 to 48 inches. It weighs within a range of 18 to 25 lb and gives adaptability for lifters with shorter grips. 

EZ curl bars work mostly on the bicep muscles which is the reason behind the name “bicep bars”. The convenience, variety, and outstanding outcomes make them stand out from the list of barbells. They are extremely popular and worth buying for your home gym.

What are the benefits of EZ Curl Bar?

  1. Convenience

The size of an EZ curl bar is very compact and tight. So, you can buy one without thinking much about space management. If you use your gym, then this will benefit you a lot.

  1. Better Grip

There’s a ‘W’ shape in the middle of the EZ curl bar. That shape helps the lifter to have a better grip. That gripping is much more comfortable if compared to the usual straight barbells.

  1. Fewer Injuries

The curling grips from the unique shape of an EZ curl bar reduce the risk of injury. You may ask how and the answer is very simple. You are being more comfortable while raising the bar and you can have full control over it. 

  1. Reduced Pressure

The distinguished form of the EZ curl bar mitigates the pressure on your wrist and forearm. This benefit gives you an extra boost while working out. And this applies to any curl bars like the Black Widow Rackable curl bar and others.

  1. Better Bicep

As you already know by this time that EZ curl bars have a major focus on the bicep muscles, they will help you have stronger bicep muscles. EZ curl bar works on biceps brachii, brachioradialis, brachialis, and forearm flexors.

  1. More Strength

The comfort that you get from curls in the middle of the EZ curl bar helps you to hold the barbell naturally. In this way, you can lift more weights compared to the straight Olympic barbell which leads to a stronger upper body.

  1. Room For Modification

EZ curl bar allows you to do a versatile range of workouts including Spider curl, French Press, Bent Over Rows, Skull crushers, etc. All of them work on your bicep brachii muscle. You can modify any exercise to make it more challenging with the EZ curl bar.

Swiss Bar vs Ez Curl Bar: Comparison Table

CharacteristicsSwiss BarEZ Curl Bar
DimensionThe Swiss Bar is heavier and wider in size compared to the EZ curl bar. It weighs around 39 to 60lbs and has a height of around 80 inches. The EZ curl bar is generally 18 to 25 lbs in weight. The average length is around 46 to 48 inches. 
ShapeThe shape is normally rectangular in swiss bars, but there are other variations too. The EZ curl bar has a unique ‘W’ shape in the middle of it.
GripSwiss bars have multiple natural grips at different widths across the length.In the EZ curl bar, you will get both upper hand and lower hand gripping options.
MuscleSwiss bar is dedicated to the development of the tricep muscles and shoulder. But you can make it work for the bicep and forearms.EZ curl bar is more focused on the bicep muscles and elbow flexor.
VariationDue to their size and grips, swiss bars can be used for numerous workouts.EZ curl bar can provide a wide range of workouts but that’s limited compared to the swiss bar.
Hand PositionIn the swiss bars, you get plenty of room for natural grips in different positions.EZ curl bar limits you within semi-supinated and semi-pronated hand positions.
ComfortSwiss bars require more tricep strength and are tough to practice.EZ curl bars are beginner-friendly and very comfortable.

Final Verdict

It’s really difficult to choose between the swiss bar and the EZ curl bar. Both of them have their varieties of usage and they serve different purposes. They are magnificent in their way.

 You can do almost all of the exercises that the EZ curl lets you do with the swiss bar except the skull crusher. Swiss bars will help you to build better tricep muscles and also help the bicep and forearms whereas EZ curl is bicep-focused.

Both of them are efficient for in-home gyms. So, the swiss bar vs EZ curl can be a never-ending game. But considering the diversity of the Swiss bar, it will be enough to serve in place of both of the bars which makes it superior.


  1. Is The Swiss Bar Good For Shoulders?

Swiss bars are very good for the shoulders and the overall joint. They give a more natural position for the shoulders and put less stress. So, unlike the improper techniques, swiss bar weight-lifting is beneficial for the shoulders.

  1. What Is An Ez Curl Bar Good For?

EZ curl bar is good for the development of the bicep brachii and its acquainted muscles. It’s a beginner-friendly barbell that helps you to get your biceps in good shape along with the forearms.

  1. Are Swiss Bars Worth It?

Swiss bars are worth every penny if you can work out with them. They might seem challenging but that difficulty is dedicated to the proper build-up of muscles. 

  1. Can You Deadlift With A Swiss Bar?

The deadlift needs knurling on the barbell where you can grip it. But in most cases, swiss bars don’t have knurling on them. So, that’s why you can’t do a deadlift with the swiss bar.

  1. Is A Swiss Bar Better Than A Barbell?

A traditional straight barbell does not come up with the versatility of the swiss bar. You can use the swiss bar for a wide array of workouts. Even though you can’t lift as much weight as you could lift in a normal bar, still swiss bars are better.

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