Tricep Bar vs EZ Curl Bar: Which one to choose?

Exercises often include using cardio machines, treadmills, and weight-lifting equipment these days. Many different types of weight bars are now available from the needs of the person.

Out of those, Tricep Bar and EZ Curl Bar are only created for common usage. They are very popular among fitness enthusiasts.

Both of them have differences in shape, exercise, and impact on the body. Let’s have a look at the Tricep Bar vs EZ Curl Bar. Let’s find out what makes it so special about these two weight bars?

What is a Tricep Bar?

The Tricep Bar is a combination of dumbbells and barbells. Because it contains certain characteristics of both along with its unique shape.

It is a rectangle with parallel grips on the bar in the middle of the rectangle. These two knurled vertical grips are its specialty. Tricep bars are short in size compared to the traditional weight lifting barbells.

On average, a tricep bar weight is between 20 and 40 pounds, and lengths between 24-34 inches. The tricep bar is also known as a hammer curl bar as a tricep bar, You can use it as a dumbbell hammer curl.

Benefits of Tricep Bar

  • Being short in size, tricep bars are more convenient when using in-home gyms.
  • Again, the grips play a vital role in comfortability. They provide ergonomic and tight hand positions. If you compared it to other similar types of equipment it’s better that way.
  • Though named upon tricep, Tricep Bar exercises are not limited to only tricep muscles. You can use it for versatile exercises throughout the whole body. It can even be for muscles that are not covered by common straight bars.
  • Tricep bars reduce the stress on the wrists, forearms, and elbows.   The unconstrained lifting with diverse angels capability. This contributes to lessening the risk of injuries.
  • Tricep bar exercises include various exercises. Those are flat or overhead triceps extension exercises, Hammer curl bar exercises, shoulder press exercises, close grip bench press exercises, one arm row exercises, etc.
  • Tricep bar workouts are versatile. Both beginners and experienced lifters can gain enjoy them.

What is EZ Curl Bar

EZ curl bar is a modified version of the traditional barbell with many angles. They help to lessen the stress on elbows and wrists while lifting. Those angles provide many grip alternatives. This factor contributes to making the EZ curl bar multipurpose workout equipment. The major difference between the EZ curl bar and straight bur is the shape and dimensions. EZ curl bar is shorter in size compared to conventional barbells. Usually, it lengths between 46 to 48 inches with flexibility for lifters with short grips. An EZ curl bar weighs between 18 to 25 pounds. It has got a ‘W’ shape in the middle as the curl. Due to its impact on the bicep muscles, the EZ curl bar is also known as the bicep bar.

Benefits of EZ curl bar

  • EZ curl bar is of compact size. That enables it to use more . It’s convenient in smaller places like in-home gyms.
  • the EZ curl bar provides a better gripping region than the usual Olympic barbells,
  • The ‘W’ shaped curling grips in EZ curl bars mitigate the risks of workout injuries. They provide a natural position for the hands.
  • The EZ curl bar reduces the pressure on the wrist and forearms. It helps to lift heavier weights than the straight barbells.
  • EZ curl bar focuses on the biceps muscles of the upper arm. But it also contributes to the development of forearm and elbow muscles.
  • You can do Bicep brachii such as Spider curl, French Press, Bent Over Rows, Skull crushers, etc with EZ curl bar

Comparison Table

CharacteristicsTricep BarEZ Curl Bar
DimensionTricep bar is shorter in length and light-weight compared to the EZ curl bar.EZ curl bar is slightly heavier and longer than the tricep bar but smaller than the regular barbell.
ShapeIt is rectangular with two vertical grips in the middle.It’s a ‘W’ shaped barbell.
GripIt has two parallel grips with only one neutral grip option.Both overhand and underhand gripping choices are available.
VariationTricep bar workouts provide limited variations. Like, as overhead extensions, hammer curl, and a few similar exercises.
You can use the EZ curl bar for a broad range of workouts. 
Hand PositionThe vertical grips provide a neutral hand position in the tricep bar.Subject to underhand or overhand use. The EZ curl bar has a semi-supinated or semi-pronated hand position.
MuscleTricep bar is more focused on building the tricep muscles.EZ curl bar can be highly beneficial for the bicep muscles.
CostConsidering the dimension, Tricep bars are cheaper than EZ curl bars.
EZ curl bars have a wide variety of weight and length as well as usage which makes them costlier than Tricep bars.

From the comparison table, it is evident that both of them are efficient for in-home gyms. They have different purposes of use according to their shape and diversity of usage.

Tricep bars are great for tricep muscles’ development. Although their other usage is a bit confined. But, the EZ curl bar gives a wide range of alternative workouts with the same equipment.

Considering the compact size of the EZ curl bar and the variety of workouts along with the cost, the EZ curl bar would be more suitable for personal use. The tricep bar is also a good choice for some exercises. Nonetheless, the assessment of the Tricep Bar vs EZ curl bar shows the superiority of the latter.


  • Why should I use the EZ curl bar instead of the straight barbell?

Ans: The grips of the EZ curl bar reduce the pain and stress. Straight barbell while lifting heavier weights causes these. The EZ curl bar is also lightweight compared to straight ones. It makes the bar more comfortable.

  • Does the Tricep bar only work on the tricep?

Ans: Tricep muscles are the main focus of the Tricep muscle. Its impacts are not limited to those muscles only.

  • Can I bench press with an EZ curl bar?

Ans: Yes, you can bench press with an EZ curl bar by laying down with the back flat on the bench.

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